How To: wash your hair less

no one loves washing their hair, right? i don't think i'm alone on this one. if you're like me, here are a few quick tips to washing your hair less often. & besides saving you time, washing your hair less will result in you having healthier hair. so i mean it's a win, win.


lol well duh, right? here's the thing - when you wash your hair every day, your scalp produces more oils & then you feel like you have to wash it. it's a vicious cycle you need to get out of. if you want your hair to be less oily, it's simple. you have to wash it less often. now, this will take time. you'll basically have to train your scalp to produce less oil. if you're consistent, it'll take about a month or two for your scalp to adjust (I know, it seems like forevs). i promise it will be worth it. take it from someone who used to wash their hair every day. i suffered through & now I only wash about 2x a week. I swear this trick works!


dry shampoo will be your new bff. if I had to choose just 1 hair product to keep for the rest of my life - it would be dry shampoo. it's truly a life saver! i spray a little at my roots on day 2 hair to absorb any oils. BONUS: dry conditioner. whoa, this is a game changer! our scalp gets oily, but the ends of our hair can get dried out. so I'll spray it through my ends to give a little shine & moisture back into my hair.


sleep with your hair in a braid. i like to do 1 or 2 loose braids for when i'm sleeping. this will do two things: it will help your style last longer because you aren't rolling around on your hair while you sleep. so there's no bed head making you feel like your blowout is ruined. it's also going to keep the hair off your face. our skin will produce oils at night & when our hair is all over that, it gets dirty quicker.


use a shower cap when you take a shower! yes, like an actual shower cap. like the old school ones. except they make them super cute now with fun prints & colors. this isn't your grandmas shower cap if you know what i mean. this will help hold all of your hair up & safe from the water so you won't have to worry about ruining your blowout. i'll put my hair into a top knot & throw on the cap. BONUS: use a cloth headband when you wash your face. again, this will protect your hair from getting splashed with water & skin care products.

so there you have it. 4 super quick tips to help you wash your hair less! I hope you found these helpful

xx Kayla

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